A Countries Food

Countries such as France, China, and Turkey are known to have the three best cuisines in the world. However, there is another country you may not be familiar with that also has a unique food culture. Traditionally people in this country have regarded food has medicine and to this day people in this country still eat certain foods as a source of medicine. This country’s cuisine is also known for fermented and natural foods. U.S. Health magazine released a list of the world’s top 5 healthiest foods, and Kimchi, this countries popular fermented food was picked.

Korean people have been making Kimchi for thousands of years. Kimchi has been engraved in the lives of Korean people. It has become an image to represent a country and one of the foods that foreigners most want to try. There are also over 200 different kinds of Kimchi, including cabbage kimchi the most well-known, radish kimchi, and white kimchi.

Korean ancestors would make bundles and batches of kimchi in the fall to prepare for the long winter. This process is called kimjang. It’s a process still practiced to this day and brings family and neighbors together. It is said that kimjang kimchi is has the best quality in taste because it was fermented right before winter.

Obang colors, yellow, blue, white, red, and black represent Korea’s second treasured food bibimbap. The obang colors reflect the yin-yang theory, which is a foundation of Eastern philosophy. Bibimbap is not only a healthy traditional Korean food; it stimulates appetites with its beautiful combination of colors. The bottom consists of rice and it is piled with different colored vegetables and meat, and then lastly in the center is an egg.

In Korea, food is not just something that is eaten. Food has a deeper meaning in Korea it harmonizes with nature and brings peace to people.