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Dokdo, Remeber the name

From an outsider’s perspective, the Dokdo conflict may seem like a territory dispute over an island. However, Dokdo is a constant reminder to the people of Korea what the Japanese war has taken from them.

Korea wants to remember the name Dokdo because it was the first Korean territory whose name was stolen by Japan. Japan annexed Dokdo and changed its name to Takeshima. By taking advantage of Dokdo, Japan defeated Russia.

Korea started to lose more than names.

1. Daehan Jeguk (The Korean empire) lost its name

2. Japan Assassinated Empress Myeongseong

3. Two hundred Asian women (Comfort Women) lost their names and youths.

Nobel literature laureate Oe Kenzaburo on September 28, 2012 said “To the Korean people Dokdo is a symbol of Japanese aggression and colonial rule”. The Korean people are committed to protecting Dokdo. Japan still refuses to atone for its wrongdoing and Korea is determined to protect Dokdo’s sovereignty. Japan does not want “Dokdo” to be remembered, but Korea will never forget Dokdo.