International Intern – Agnieszka Michalczyk

Agnieszka Michalczyk – Poland

1. Please give a brief introduction of yourself.

Hello, my name is Agnieszka. I’m from Poland and I’m studying Korean Language and Culture in Warsaw University.  I am very eager to get an experience here in VANK.

2. How did you start interning at VANK?

My friend from AIESEC introduced me a project with VANK. Since I really wanted to visit Korea, know about Korea more and in the same time not just travel but also do something I decided to apply. I read some articles and VANK’s webpage and felt it would be really interesting to work with VANK. I applied and got accepted so here I am J

3. What were your duties as an intern?

I am still doing my internship and my work is in progress. I was trying to find some similarities and differences between Poland and Korea. I have to say it’s a hard thing to do, especially to find similarities. I think European countries are really different from any part of Asia. But! It’s very interesting to compare Polish and Korean culture when they are so different and when I find something similar it’s such a surprise!

My second part is finding historical bond of sympathy between Korea and Poland. Poland has some similarities in history, especially about relations with Russia. I think it’s very similar to Korea and Japan. During long period of time we had very difficult relations with Russia. We lost our independence and got divided between three countries. Then during World War II we also had some issues with Russia. Now political relations are very difficult.

Third part of my work is checking Polish websites about Korea. Nowadays people are more and more interested in Korea and young people especially, are creating websites about Korean music, food, culture.

Also I have to write articles about me working in VANK once a week and everyday watch 3 videos and write about them. This part gives me a chance to learn about Korea.

4. Was your internship experience as you expected? Why or why not?

So far it’s more than I expected! I thought work would be tough and dull but it’s very interesting. People here are nice and helpful. I have a chance to experience Korea, learn and know more about not only culture but also history. I can’t say much now since I am on the internship only two weeks so far but I hope the work will be as interesting as it is now.

5. What have you gained from your experience as an intern?

I got to experience not only working in office but also attending lectures, speaking in front of camera. I learned about Korean history, culture, maybe I will get some idea for my future thesis. I’m still waiting for experience to gain here!

6. Describe some of your short-term and long-term goals.

My short-term goal would be finishing my studies in two years and getting a job, I hope in Korea. I hope to pass my exams which are in 5 weeks well and gain some confidence in speaking Korean.  Later, after getting my degree I plan to take a diplomacy course and maybe get a job in that area.

My long-term goals are very simple because I just dream about having family and being able to buy nice flat. So I will work hard to be able to start a family!