Come and walk along the Jeju Olle Trail

Jeju island attracts many visitors all year round!

“Olle” is a Jeju dialect word that means an alley that extends from the street to a house.

Jeju Olle is a trail that leads visitors to scenic points on Jejudo Island. The Jeju Olle trail is designed to help visitors discover Jejudo’s secret attractions. The Jeju Olle trail gave new life to once-forgotten parts of the island.

The Jeju Olle trail consists of around 20 routes along the Jejudo coastline and each route is about 20 km long. When you walk along the Jeju Olle Trail, you will see the ocean on one side and on the other side; you will see mountains and forests.

Along way you can see,

Mt. Halla, the highest dormant volcano in Korea.

Bijarim Forest, nicknamed as the forest of the millennium. Bijarim earned the nickname because there are 2,800 nutmeg trees that are 500 to 800 years old. It is the world’s largest nutmeg tree forest.

Oreums, which are small volcanic cones with craters. Among 368 Oreums, Darangshi Oreum is known as the most spectacular.

Come and take a walk at the Jeju Olle trail, where you can find comfort and peace of mind!