Public Diplomacy for Korean Unification

Korea is the last country in the world to be divided. When the world thinks about Korea, usually a divided country is what comes to mind. Korean people are tired of waiting for a unification to happen, so now they are voicing their opinions. Ambassadors of VANK are promoting the Unification of Korea not just in Korea but globally. If we take the unification of Germany an example, Korea may learn from Germany’s experiences.

The unification of Germany did not happen overnight. There was a bipartisan agreement on unification policy, German people’s strong desire for unification, and also they had international support.

There are many neighboring countries that have concerns when it comes to the unification of Korea.

First off, the United States are concerned that with a unified Korea, it could lead to Korea leaning towards China. The unification of Korea will not only contribute in solving poverty but it will also help solve the human rights issues in North Korea. The United States do not need to worry about a unified Korea leaning towards China, because Korea will focus on promoting democracy and peace in Asia.

China has also voiced its concerns on the unification. China is worried that there will be instability in China-Korea border areas after the unification. However, Korea does not intend there to be tension rather after the unification there will be no territorial dispute or military tension on our borders. The border areas will be an economic cooperation zone where we work together to develop Northeast China.

Lastly Japan’s concerns are that with a unified country, Korea might move into becoming an extreme nationalist country. Historically, a unified Korean nation led to friendly relationships with its neighboring countries in Northeast Asia. Also, a Korean unification will strengthen Korea’s national power. However, a unified Korea will never use the power to threaten its neighbors.

Korea will commit to promoting peace in Northeast Asia and will deliver a message of hope to other countries in conflict.