Seoul, city of magical one hour

Seoul has become a metropolitan city with sparkling buildings and striving IT. However, Seoul does not lose its history and culture amongst the vibrant city. Seoul has become a city that welcomes modernization while harmonizing with nature. In Seoul you can see 500-year-old palaces and in the same day by taking the subway you can go shopping at traditional markets or current Korean fashion shops. Let’s take a tour of Seoul through this video!

VANK would like to guide you through Seoul, the city of magical charms. Seoul is a city of miracles that gives hope to developing countries. Only 50 years ago, Korea was one of the poorest countries. However, Korea has worked hard to become one of the 10th richest countries. Among all OECD member nations, Korea is the first to have transformed from a beneficiary to a donor. Seoul is a city of miracles. It is a symbol of hope for developing countries in Asia and Africa.

For over 600 years in Korea’s 5000 years of history, Seoul has remained as the center. Korean palaces adopted unique architectural aesthetics, different from Chinese and Japanese styles. Korean ancestors avoided altering nature. Their philosophy of construction was to have buildings in harmony with nature.

Young Koreans are motivated to become the new leaders of the 21st century. With Voluntary Agency Network of Korea VANK, young Koreans become ambassadors for Seoul. With these young Koreans, Seoul is becoming a truly glittering city.

Let us show you the charms of Seoul. Come and Experience Seoul, the Soul of Asia.