Unification, the Dream of Prosperity and Peace in Northeast Asia

What are the benefits to unification?

When unified, South Korea will be able to connect to Eurasia through a land route. There will be more trade options and more opportunities. Also, a unified Korea will be a hub between continents and oceans. Unification may seem impossible to some people but in fact it could happen in the future.

North and South Korea remain the only country to be divided. The older generations of South Korea remember their connections with North Korea and hope for a unified country. However, the younger generations are losing their connection and see only the cons of unification which is an economic burden. While divided South Korea is like an isolated island, cut off from the Eurasian continent.

VANK is devoted to overcoming this challenge and achieving shared prosperity. VANK is promoting unification to encourage the younger generations of South Korea to see the long-term benefits of unification.

Korean unification will bring shared prosperity to Northeast Asia. VANK is looking for young Koreans, who want to lead Korean unification and shared prosperity in Northeast Asia.