VANK Postcard Sets

Korea’s Unique Culinary Dishes (Eng)
A set of 12 decorative postcards about Korea’s most famous dishes. Each card showcases a unique dish with a brief description and interesting facts. Each set comes with a brief description and some interesting facts about the dish.
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Korea’s History (Eng)
A set of twelve decorative postcards about each historical period in Korea. Travel in
time through Korea’s 5000 year old history with captivating pictures and descriptive facts for every era in these postcards.
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Invitation From Korea! (Eng)
A set of ten decorative postcards of the latest travel and cultural hotspots of Korea. It’s an ideal to-do list for current and prospective visitors of Korea, including popular events such as the Boryeong Mud Festival.
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Dokdo (Eng&Kor)
A set of twelve decorative postcards that depict several scenic photographs of Dokdo. Each card provides an English and Korean description about multiple facets of the territorial dispute over Dokdo and why it is particularly meaningful to the people of Korea. The set comes in a special case inscribed with a brief timeline of the Dokdo controversy.
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Jikji and Other Cultural Heritages (Eng)
A set of fourteen decorative postcards that introduce Korean cultural heritages that have been registered as a UNESCO Memory of the World. Like the Jikji these cultural heritages represent the 5000 years of rich history that Korea takes pride in.
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