Young Koreans Create the Future of a Unified Korea

A dream is something you can realize through your occupation. However, your occupation does not need to defy your dream. And in the upcoming future a unified Korea exists. Korean unification is a dream of many people both in North Korea and South Korea. This dream can be realized with young Koreans, politicians, and even ordinary people like you and me.

Seoul National University’s Institute for Peace and Unification Studies conducted a survey in 2013. The survey was conducted of Korean youth ages 19-23. Only 40% replied “yes” to Korean unification. The main reason for the low interests in unification was because of the burden of the cost, and some replied that unification had to “relevance to my career”.

We can take Germany’s unification as an example. Unification was possible by people working together for the same dream. In the case of Korea’s unification it could provide wide ranges of opportunities for people.

Let’s work together to achieve Korea’s dream of unification!