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VANK Websites

 VANK Cyber Diplomacy Program (
VANK is the acronym for the Voluntary Agency Network of Korea and primarily uses email to serve as a cyber tour guide for foreigners, overseas Koreans, and adoptees who wish to learn more about Korea. It is a cyber diplomacy organization that works to promote an accurate representation of South Korea to the world while simultaneously facilitating relationships between Korean and foreigners. VANK runs a Cyber Diplomacy Program and one can receive certification as a cyber diplomat after taking 12 internet courses over a period of one month. Training is comprised of a variety of content such as how to make self-introductions in English, how to introduce of Korea, building relationships with international pen pals, promoting Korea through online chatting, discovering published historical inaccuracies, and international correspondence. Anyone who wishes to share Korea with the world can register.

VANK World Changer Program (
The mission of VANK’s World Changer Program is to educate and cultivate the young Koreans of the 21st century to recognize themselves as global citizens beyond the borders of Korea and become world leaders who actively participate in and resolve global issues such as climate change, poverty, and disease. In order to receive certification as World Changer, one must take 14 different online courses over a period of one month. VANK encourages international exchange between Koreans and foreigners through the World Changer Program website, and educates Korean youth so that they may actively participate in meetings with other world changers from around the world.

Cyber Dokdo Officer School (
The Cyber Dokdo Officer School was founded with the catch phrase, “Lead South Korea into the world with Dokdo in our hearts!”, in order to convey the year-round love of South Korea and the passion to share the national brand with the entire world. Our primary goal is to gather students of all ages and educate them through online video clips about South Korea’s history and culture. We hope to cultivate individuals with the potential to insightfully resolve historical issues with Japan and properly promote their country as “Ambassadors of South Korea.”

Global History Diplomacy Academy (
The Global History Diplomacy Academy provides free internet lectures for accessible and easy-to-understand information about pending issues in Northeast Asian history and topics of global concern. The website offers video lectures from specialists about current issues of Northeast Asian history such as the conflict of the East Sea, Dokdo, and the Northeast Project. You can also access educational videos about global issues such as climate change, poverty, and disease. Manage a Peace Classroom for your school, club, or organization, and participate in a variety of other programs. VANK supports the education of Korea youth to develop a more accurate understanding of history and to cultivate future peacemakers who will address conflicts in Asia and around the world.

21st Century Gwanggaeto the Great’s Dream Wings Project (
Just as the Goguryeo Dynasty’s Gwangaeto the Great expanded Korea’s territory, 21st century Koreans are expanding Korea’s boundaries by sharing Korea’s history, land, and culture with foreigners from all over the world. Additionally, VANK provides promotional materials to Koreans who can promote Korea to international friends through opportunities such as travel abroad, study abroad, language programs, international camps, and international volunteer work. As you leave the country, take the Korea PR materials you received and tell everyone about the friendliness of South Korea. Afterwards, post your Korea PR activities on “Post-Experience” and share your insider tips with others!

21st Century Yi Sun-sin Historical Inaccuracy Correction Project (
Just as General Yi Sun-sin’s leadership saved the Joseon Dynasty during the Imjin War, any 21st century Korean can fight for an accurate representation of Korea throughout the world by working to  correct factual errors about Korea that are published in textbooks and websites around the world. VANK develops Korean netizens into 21st century models of General Yi Sun-sin by encouraging members to emulate General Yi Sun-sin’s writing spirit by recording inaccuracies in mass media and to emulate his innovation by discovering and rectifying such errors. Additionally, VANK encourages netizens to exemplify General Yi Sun-sin’s patriotism by correctly amending historical inaccuracies and straightening out South Korea’s image. These members have the potential to play a role in relieving the tensions of strained ROK-Japan and ROK-China conflicts such as issues with the East Sea, Dokdo, and historical distortions.

Global Friends of Korea (
A Hallyu community of people from all over the world who wish to make Korean friends. VANK created “Global Friends of Korea” in order to increase the number of people who love South Korea by gathering those who are interested in Korean dramas, music, and movies, etc. of Hallyu, exchanging the personal experiences of what makes “South Korea,” and facilitating communication with Korean friends. Make meaningful friendships with international friends who love Hallyu and use this social networking site for a variety of activities such as making friend requests, participating in language exchange, creating sub-groups based on interests, and taking video courses about Korea’s territories, histories, and culture. Provide a heart-warming impression of Koreans while sharing your dreams and building friendships!

May we speak?  (
VANK established the English website ‘May we speak’ to accurately inform foreigners
of Japan’s past affairs and conflicts. This website was created to effectively
promote the military sexual slavery by Japan and Japan’s past imperialism.
Furthermore, it was not a minor area conflict but, an issue that
must be understood and resolved globally. The whole world remembers the
Holocaust and Germany’s Nazis and knows the seriousness of the committed
war crime. Also, people sympathize and promise to never let this sort of issue
arise again, but people do not know that around the same time Japan’s imperialistic
ideas were occurring and Japan’s historic war crimes were not relatively
known internationally. In the wide context of imperialism, the Holocaust, Germany’s
Nazis and Japan’s war crimes are tied together in one website to be familiar
and to directly introduce the Dokdo issue and the military sexual slavery by Japan.

The World Changer Social Network  (
The World Changer is a social network site for global leaders who wish to take on the responsibility of finding a solution for imperative global issues such as climate change, poverty, disease and contamination, conditions for women and children, international war, water shortage, and human rights. We welcome the youth of the world who wish to communicate with the others through activities such as friend requests based on “global issues” or “cultural issues”, community exchange programs (international class exchange, club exchange, family exchange, group exchange, and city exchange), online mock UN, and construction of a national information network. These children are the future global leaders of the world.

We Make South Korea! Film Festival (
The youth of Korea can move the hearts of people all over the world with their skills and talents if they just believe that “We are South Korea”. VANK would like to introduce a series of video clips that represent ‘South Korea’s Dreams.’ These clips contain the great dreams and passions of Korean leaders who continuously strove to improve their nation throughout 5000 years of history. The clips also hold the dreams of Korean youth who wish to step out into the world and provide hope for those struggling with the global issues of the 21st century. Please support the dreams of the youth of South Korea to discover their own value, share South Korea with the world, and leave their own positive mark on the global community. We are South Korea!

Globalization of the Korean Language (
Hangul (the Korean alphabet) is an innovative letter system that is distinctly different from the Hanja of China, Kana of Japan, and Roman letters of the West. Hangul’s vowels and consonants can be differentiated at first glance. Each letter was created based on the shape of vocal organs and has earned endless praise from scholars all over the world for its innovation. Hangul has been regarded as one of the easiest letter systems in the world to learn. As VANK began actively sharing Hangul with people from all over the world, they created the ‘21st Century SeJong Project” information site in order to help correct false printed data about Hangul in international textbooks and online encyclopedias.  Any netizen with an accurate understanding of Hangul and open mind can become the 21st century King Sejong and help share the Korean language, Hangul.

Globalization of Jikji, the First Metal Printing Press Book (
Specialists have declared the ‘Metal Type Printing’ as the greatest invention in history of mankind. “Jikji”, one of UNESCO’s World Heritages, was the world’s first metal printing press book (1377) and created 78 years before Gutenberg’s printing press (1455). Jikji’s existence shows that Koreans were the first people to develop the metal printing press yet many are still unfamiliar with this information. In response, VANK created an informational website to provide accurate information about Jikji. Spread information about Jikji, one of Korea’s greatest cultural assets. Various samples of informational English email templates can be accessed on the site.

Globalization of Yi Sun-sin (
Foreign heroes are well introduced in international textbooks, dictionaries, and websites but Korea’s greatest hero has yet to be mentioned. VANK created the “Globalization of Yi Sun-sin” informational website in order to globally provide accurate facts about the accomplishments and leadership of General Yi Sun-sin, Korea’s most notable figure. Share the stories behind the Battle of Hansan Island, one of the four greatest naval battles in history. Tell others about Yi Sun-sin’s life and his legendary turtle ships. Various samples of informational English email templates can be accessed on the site.