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Unified Korea World Map (통일한국 세계지도)

The possibilities of a reunified Korea are endless. Not only will there be peace within east Asia, economic development between countries will also proper. The once isolated Korea will have opportunities to create trade with nearby regions and also develop their industrialization. Also, instead of using its military to protect and fight itself, a reunified Korea will be able to distribute their military power towards peace in other countries with disputes still going on. These endless possibilities show that reunification is a feasible option for Korea because of the numerous benefits that Korea could gain through reunification. These possibilities are shown on the map like a feasible railroad that could connect Korea, China, Russia, and even Europe.

However, change will not happen without any effort or determination. We must do our best to overcome this division and achieve our dream of positive change and prosperity for Korea and the world.

Help us in the effort of reunifying Korea and accomplishing this dream!

Astronomical History of Korea and the World (천상열차분야지도)

How much do you know about astronomy? There were many great developments, inventions, and astronomers who have helped us to learn more about the stars and skies. One famous example is the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus who helped to formulate the heliocentric model of the universe. In other words, Copernicus was the first person to create a model that proposed that the Sun, and not the Earth, was the center of the Solar System.

Did you know that Koreans also had many scientific developments in the field of astronomy? It all started during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) . During this period, remarkable scientific developments were achieved and many astronomical instruments were created. Later on, an astronomical calendar system called Chilijeongsan was also created in 1444.King Sejong was also able to create the Korean native alphabet, Hangeul, and the native time system during this time.

This was all made possible because of the remarkable scientists who supported King Sejong’s vision. These scientists, like Jeong Inji, Jeong Cho, Yi Cheon, and more were actually named after a few asteroids  by the International Astronomical Union in 2004 which were discovered by modern Korean scientists.

King Sejong and these scientists were able to make remarkable contributions towards history.

Just like these historical figures, you too can help bring a change in history!

The Vision of Asia (동북아 평화지도)

There is a phrase “The world is a flower” and it means the world is one inseparable entity. Korea represents Mugunghwa, China the plum blossom and the peony, and Japan represents cherry blossoms. These three flowers are different kinds of flowers with different colors, scents, and distinctions.  However, if they were to be arranged in harmony, these three different flowers can become one beautiful flower garden. VANK’s dream is to create one peaceful flower garden that represents these three Northeast Asian countries. As one Asian continent we can bring more peace to the world.

It is said that the 21st century is the Asian Century. However, there are still conflict and tensions rising due to historical and territorial issues. There is also economic disparities among Asian countries. In this situation, Korean unification will put us in the best place to solve this conflict and poverty. Unifying Korea will also bring peace and share prosperity to Asia.

Together, we can realize the vision to make the world into one flower garden. Let’s build one peaceful world!

Unified Korea (통일한국 한반도지도)

Korea’s image in the world is not always seen in a positive light because of separation and ongoing tension. However, Korea has been divided only for 70 years of its 5,000 years of history. Our ancestors’ spirits as well as their cultural heritages built with hopes of positive change and prosperity are within Korea. Now, succeeding the spirits of the ancestors, we are doing our best to overcome the division of the country and to achieve our dream of positive changes and prosperity of the 21st century world. Reunification is not only about simply rejoining the Baekdudaegan (a mountain range that runs through the Korean peninsula) and reconnecting the railroads. It is also about reopening the Korean peninsula’s blocked energy flow. Freely spreading the dream and passion of Koreans, and this achieving the peace and prosperity of the world.

Each drawing on the map represents a project or program that can be accomplished with unification.

Join us in dreaming of the reunified Korea!


Great Ideas That Changed the World (Eng)        
                                                                                  Take a look at the numerous great ideas, inventions, explorations, events, and paths from all over the world. Each moment pinpoints an revolutionary change in history and a global impact on the international community. This map portrays the results of great dreamers and achievers.


World Heritage Map (Eng)
This map visually displays various World Heritage Sites in Korea and countries all around the world. Additionally, it highlights global contributions in the documentary heritage as recognized by UNESCO’s Memory of the World Program. At the bottom of the map is a brief introduction to Korea’s documentary heritage.



WorldChanging Map (Eng)
VANK began its World Changer Project in order to provide opportunities for people to contribute their talents and abilities in ways that lead to positive global change and meaningful relationships with people from all over the world. This world map encourages awareness and activism that addresses some of the world’s current global issues.


World and Korean Map “Friendly Korea, My Friend’s Country” (Eng)
This world map visually displays the location of numerous UNESCO’s Memory of the World archives and World Heritage Sites from all over the world. The right panel of the map is an enlarged map of Korea with visual highlights of the country’s greatest landmarks.  At the bottom of the side panel is a brief overview of the different time periods in Korea’s history.


Korean Map “The Vision of Korea” (Eng)
This beautifully decorative map provides a close-up view of the numerous regions in Korea. Additionally, the informational side bar provides a basic outline of the different dynasties in Korea’s history.





Vision of Korea – Upside Down Paradigm Shift Map (Eng)
This unique map offers a paradigm shift, a new way of seeing the world. This upside-down map breaks free from the traditional global map in an attempt to provide inspiration to those who desire a fresh perspective of the world. On the bottom is a small tribute to King SeJong, a Korean king who deviated from the norm to provide life-changing innovations for his people.

Korean Heritage Map (Eng)
This map visually represents the locations of the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Memory of the World Program documentary heritage in Korea. Each site and heritage comes with a brief description explaining its historical background and cultural significance.



Be a Friend of Asia (Eng)
This map of Asia doubles as a fun board game for people of all ages. Travel through Asia and learn basic facts and the geographical location of each country. Players must learn the greeting of each country in order to rack up points. This game encourages increased awareness about all the countries in Asia. On the bottom is a brief timeline of both Asian and Korean history.

세계속의 한국인 Koreans in the World (Kor)
This map of the world provides statistics and background information on Korean immigrants around the world. The right panel of the map is an enlarged map of Korea with the locations of the varying regional versions of Arirang, Korea’s most famous folk song. The map also provides a brief overview of Korea’s historical dynasties.

Travel Around the World with Korean in Your Heart 대한민국을 가슴에 품고 두근두근 세계 여행!  (Kor)
Are you ready to be a Global Ambassador of Korea? This map of the world also doubles as a fun board game that also tests your global knowledge. Travel around the world and learn interesting facts and the geographical location of various countries.