Unified Korea (통일한국 한반도지도)

Korea’s image in the world is not always seen in a positive light because of separation and ongoing tension. However, Korea has been divided only for 70 years of its 5,000 years of history. Our ancestors’ spirits as well as their cultural heritages built with hopes of positive change and prosperity are within Korea. Now, succeeding the spirits of the ancestors, we are doing our best to overcome the division of the country and to achieve our dream of positive changes and prosperity of the 21st century world. Reunification is not only about simply rejoining the Baekdudaegan (a mountain range that runs through the Korean peninsula) and reconnecting the railroads. It is also about reopening the Korean peninsula’s blocked energy flow. Freely spreading the dream and passion of Koreans, and this achieving the peace and prosperity of the world.

Each drawing on the map represents a project or program that can be accomplished with unification.

Join us in dreaming of the reunified Korea!