The Vision of Asia (동북아 평화지도)

There is a phrase “The world is a flower” and it means the world is one inseparable entity. Korea represents Mugunghwa, China the plum blossom and the peony, and Japan represents cherry blossoms. These three flowers are different kinds of flowers with different colors, scents, and distinctions.  However, if they were to be arranged in harmony, these three different flowers can become one beautiful flower garden. VANK’s dream is to create one peaceful flower garden that represents these three Northeast Asian countries. As one Asian continent we can bring more peace to the world.

It is said that the 21st century is the Asian Century. However, there are still conflict and tensions rising due to historical and territorial issues. There is also economic disparities among Asian countries. In this situation, Korean unification will put us in the best place to solve this conflict and poverty. Unifying Korea will also bring peace and share prosperity to Asia.

Together, we can realize the vision to make the world into one flower garden. Let’s build one peaceful world!