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Taegeukgi (the National flag of Korea) Sticker Set

VANK’S Taegeukgi Stickers! 

Experience the different colors of Korea through this Taegeukgi sticker set. The stickers come in different sizes which is perfect to decorate anywhere.

1. Taegeukgi 

Taegeukgi is Korea’s national flag. It has a white background with a red and blue Taegeuk circle in the center and trigrams in all four corners. The Taegeuk circle represents harmony between yin (blue) and yang (red), reflecting the Korean people’s traditional belief that the creation and evolution of all things in the universe resulted from the interaction between yin and yang. The four trigrams stand for heaven, earth, water and fire.

2. Mugunghwa 

Mugunghwa is Korea’s national flower. It has been grown on the Korean peninsula for thousands of years. The Korean people have developed a special attachment to this flower, and Mugunghwa was naturally chosen to represent Korea. Mugung means eternity, which symbolizes the people’s patience and tenacity that enabled the nation to survive and prosper for 5000 years. Mugunghwa blossoms in various shades, such as white and pink, usually from July to October.

3. Hanok 

Korea’s traditional Hanok housing emphasizes harmony with nature. Hanok buildings were built of natural materials, such as wood, soil, and stone, with careful consideration not to damage the surrounding natural landscape.

Hangeul Stickers

VANK’s Hanguel stickers!

As Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) is increasing becoming popular around the world VANK designed these stickers to help make the learning experience more fun and easier.

These stickers not only help you learn the basic structure of Hanguel by using consonant and vowel stickers, they also include phrases and expressions in Korean to gain more knowledge of the culture. Interested in Hangeul? Use these stickers to introduce Korea to your friends!

Misc. VANK Materials


May We Speak (Eng&Kor)

This CD contains nearly seventy different video files that cover VANK’s primary objectives and previous accomplishments as a cyber public diplomacy organization that works to promote a positive image of Korea. Topics include correction of historical inaccuracies that have been published about Korea, highlights about historical figures and events, and the current Dokdo controversy.

We Make South Korea 우리가 바로 대한민국 (Eng&Kor)

This CD is a compilation of the English and Korean video clips of the “We Are South Korea” online film festival. Nearly seventy different video files cover VANK’s mission and goals in correlation to South Korea’s past, present, and promising future. The clips also discuss topics such as how to get involved, the influence of soft power international exchange, and building public diplomacy from the bottom up.

QR Code Book Korea (Eng&Kor)

Book 1
A book of perforated informational postcards that can be torn out and shared with family members and friends.  The postcards depict cultural and historical figures, historical facts, and the hopeful future of Korea. Additionally, every postcard has its very own QR code for YouTube videos that can provide further information about each subject.

Book 2
A book of perforated informational postcards that can be torn out and shared with family members and friends. The postcards depict information about peace issues, global issues, traveling in Korea, and VANK. Additionally, every postcard has its very own QR code for YouTube videos that can provide further information about each subject.


Goguryeo, The Pride of Korea (Eng)
A sticker sheet featuring images from the Goguryeo dynasty, an essential period in Korea’s history, and the Gojoseon dynasty, the intellectual predecessor of the Goguryeo dynasty.


Korean Alphabet (Eng&Kor)
Combine these stickers of Korean characters to create your Korean name or short Korean phrases. Also comes with stickers for your laptop or keyboard.

Coasters (Eng)                                                                                                                                                Two coasters portraying various beautiful aspects of Dokdo. The two sides of the first coaster show a landscape of Dokdo: one during the day, and one at night. The second coaster displays images of the Siberian Chrysanthemum and the Madi Flower, two native forms of flora in Dokdo.

Stamp Sheet (Eng)
A stamp sheet featuring 14 colorful stamps with various images that symbolize all that is Dokdo. In addition to four scenes of Dokdo during various stages of sunrise and sunset, other stamps include the Dokdo Lighthouse, the indigenous Black Tialed Gull, and Sapsal Dog.


Fans (Eng)




Two decorative fans displaying landscapes of Dokdo during the day and night. The back of the blue day fan has images of the multiple locations and wildlife that are special to Dokdo. The back of the darker night fan has images and descriptions the numerous events and injustices that Dokdo has come to symbolize for the Korean people.

Hang-up magazine 

We Make South Korea 우리가 바로 대한민국 (Kor)
This easy-to-hang magazine is a collection of shareable QR codes that will lead you to VANK’s online “We Are South Korea” film festival. The “We are South Korea” film festival is a compilation of various video clips about Korea’s history, culture, and historical figures. Other topics include global issues and how to further get involved in VANK. Through these educational clips, VANK hopes to inspire the youth of South Korea to educate themselves and use that education to make positive contributions to the global community.

Dream Seed

Even the smallest of seeds, when sown in the earth,  will grow to become a large tree and the birds of the sky will lodge in its branches. Write your name and dreams on the seed and it is destined to come true. Collect words of support from friends, family, and even those who initially doubted you.  This small flower pot of motivation will encourage will encourage your dreams to grow to their full potential. How will your dreams change your country? How will your dreams change the world?

Paper Airplane

Write your dreams on the back of this paper airplane and let it fly! This is also a great way to exchange information about each others dreams with your peers.