Taegeukgi (the National flag of Korea) Sticker Set

VANK’S Taegeukgi Stickers! 

Experience the different colors of Korea through this Taegeukgi sticker set. The stickers come in different sizes which is perfect to decorate anywhere.

1. Taegeukgi 

Taegeukgi is Korea’s national flag. It has a white background with a red and blue Taegeuk circle in the center and trigrams in all four corners. The Taegeuk circle represents harmony between yin (blue) and yang (red), reflecting the Korean people’s traditional belief that the creation and evolution of all things in the universe resulted from the interaction between yin and yang. The four trigrams stand for heaven, earth, water and fire.

2. Mugunghwa 

Mugunghwa is Korea’s national flower. It has been grown on the Korean peninsula for thousands of years. The Korean people have developed a special attachment to this flower, and Mugunghwa was naturally chosen to represent Korea. Mugung means eternity, which symbolizes the people’s patience and tenacity that enabled the nation to survive and prosper for 5000 years. Mugunghwa blossoms in various shades, such as white and pink, usually from July to October.

3. Hanok 

Korea’s traditional Hanok housing emphasizes harmony with nature. Hanok buildings were built of natural materials, such as wood, soil, and stone, with careful consideration not to damage the surrounding natural landscape.