Public Diplomacy Efforts with the Chinese for Korean Unification

300 years ago, a man from Joseon named Hong Dae-yong traveled to Qing China and met a Chinese scholar in Beijing. It took 56 days on foot to reach his destination. The Chinese scholar’s name was Um Sung and eventually the 2 scholars became good friends. They communicated by exchanging letters which usually took 1 to 2 years to send and receive a single letter.

Today, China and Korea still maintain a strong relationship through tourism, trade, and even for education. China currently is Korea’s top trading partner, accounting for 26% of Korea’s exports. Also, the largest group of international students that go to China are Koreans and vice-versa. Thus, this China-Korea relationship is an important relationship for both countries.

However, with the recent nuclear threats in North Korea, this relationship has gotten weaker. To defend itself from missile attacks from North Korea, South Korea is planning on deploying a missile defense system. However, this defense system does not go well with China and they have threatened to end their good ties with Korea if they persisted on deploying the system.

These issues prove that reunification is key to help establish peace and prosperity within that region. Reunification is also key to help lay out the foundation towards a peaceful Asia.You too can play a part in helping to reach this goal. Help VANK in their goals to reaching reunification and peace!