The Colorful Island, Jeju Island

Location, southwest of the Korean peninsula Jeju island is Korea’s largest island but smallest province.

The sea, volcanoes, waterfalls, caves, forests, and warm weather, Jejudo is a beautiful island with well-preserved natural environments.

Sad history of Jeju Island

In 1941-1945, Japan waged the Pacific War.

During the war Japan used Jejudo as a base for military supplies. Japan exploited the oreums, unique volcanic landforms on Jejudo and underground bases and bunkers were carved out of the oreums. Jeju residents were even forcibly mobilized to construct Japanese army air bases. Throughout Jejudo, historical wounds still remain from the Japanese occupation.

However, after a time of trouble and sadness Jeju Island healed into the beautiful island that it is today. Now, there are hundreds of people who visit Jeju Island from all over the world.

8 colors of Jejudo are attracting visitors!

Red tinted
In the fall, a vibrant color of autumn leaves cover Halla Mountain. Halla Mountain is in the middle of Jejudo, and it is the tallest dormant volcano in South Korea.

Orange colored skyline
The place to observe the most beautiful sunrise in the world is ‘Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak’. Warm orange covers the night sky of Jejudo ‘Jeju Fire Festival’. On the first full moon of the lunar calendar, people gather to pray for ‘peace and a good harvest’.

Yellow-covered Landscape
The Blooming spring flowers are rape flowers in Jejudo. The first place to see blooming flowers in Korea is Jejudo. The yellow wave of rape flowers signals the beginning of spring!

Everlasting Green Landscape
Unlike other parts of Korea, Jejudo is full of green all year round. Rich green color never fades away at ‘Gotjawal Forest’. It is the only forest in the world where both tropical and arctic vegetation’s coexist. Gotjawal Forest, is full of bright green, and is the lung of Jejudo.

Mysteriously Blue Seas
Fabulous islands surround by the blue seas. The largest island among all the islands and islets around Jejudo is Udo and it got its name because it looks like a cow lying on the ground. There is another popular island that is surrounded by sparkling blue water is ‘Subjicoji’, ‘Subji’ means a land that produces many talented people. ‘Coji’ means a land that sticks out into the water like a nose. There is also a tall rock called Seondol that connects the blue sky and the water.

Light Purple Fields
Soft aromas of cherry blossoms fill Jeju Island. Jejudo is the home of cherry blossoms. It is the first place to see cherry blossoms bloom in Korea and in the spring, Jejudo is filled with the aroma of these purple flowers.

Gray Volcanic Rocks
Jejudo has marvelous rock formations. Jejudo has many natural caves that were created by lava from Halla Mountain. Gray volcanic rocks in Jejudo are fabulous works of nature.

Invisible color, warmth
Warmth is the ‘kind generosity’ of Jeju people. Warm-hearted Jeju people welcome all visitors at any time, 365 days a year. Three things that don’t exist in Jejudo are thieves, beggars, and gates. People in Jejudo have always treated neighbors like family. Whether poor or rich, Jeju people serve guests with their full capacity.